Welcome To Brightling Equipment LTD | Oilfield surface equipment

Brightling Equipment Ltd. (BEL) was founded in February 2006 as an alternative for oilfield surface equipment supply and repair for the oil and gas industry. Coming from a long history of rotary oilfield equipment design and sales, it was recognized that there was an opportunity to improve the quality of product, level of service and commitment to the end user. Brightling Equipment Ltd. Is a dynamic organization of highly skilled and experienced persons who are dedicated to providing quality solutions, products and services to our customers and this is the basis we are building our business upon. Even though we feel we currently lead the market place in product design, service and quality, Brightling is dedicated to continuing researching ways to improve all aspects of our business. In short, we feel we are currently the best and are dedicated to improving at a rate that ensures we always will be.
Our team is diversified in experience ranging from design, manufacture, repair, oil production and Quality Control in the oil and gas sector with over 50 years of combined experience. We are striving to offer producing companies not only our superior product but be an alternative provider to repair existing surface equipment to OEM specifications at a competitive price